As Sarasota’s Seven Years Past has already won numerous battles-of-the-bands, been voted “Best of…” at several publications, gotten airplay on mainstream radio, toured with and opened for dozens of nationally-recognizable groups, and recorded with Grammy-Award-Winning producer/engineer Sylvia Massy, what’s next? Rinse and repeat.

          Seven Years Past consist of lifelong musicians and songwriters. The members, Lisa Larkin, Mark Medeiros, Joe Morningstar, and Stephan Rosser, continue to bring their high energy brand of modern rock and meaningful lyrics wherever needed. Powerful vocals are the centerpiece of their sound.

Seven Years Past features a blend of heartfelt, emotional lyrics and raw musical power. "It's definitely edge-of-your-seat style. That's what we're trying to go for." Larkin said. “We are mainstream rock – not too heavy, not too light – just right.” Larkin’s soulful lyrics originate from a number of sources, as she told New York’s “Tool & Die” Magazine.

Released 2010 

“Inspiration comes from other peoples’ mistakes. Mistakes that affect my friends, thus affecting me. People that I love. It’s sick. I watch them break up, make up, and I write about it all. Music, it’s almost like a photograph for me. It can tell me where I've been.

In June 2012 the band headed to Buffalo, NY to record a follow up CD with Goo Goo Dolls co-founder/bassist Robby Takac producing. Recorded at GCR Audio in Buffalo, the band worked with Takac to polish the sound and utilized the talents of Richie English to compose strings for their ballad "24-7" as well as piano accompaniment to their song "Let You Down". The album also featured a song written by Jones, "Who Do You Want",

The CD, entitled "Switches" was released March 1, 2013 at a CD release show in their hometown of Sarasota, Florida.